Stay Tuned!

Want more Chatterton? Lucky you! Martin's follow up to The Brain Finds a Leg, The Brain Full of Holes, is out this Spring! It's filled with parallel universes, flying cows, carnivorous cuckoo clocks, and shrinking scientists, so keep an eye out for more info, reviews, and blog posts!

Bri Meets Books

Our final stop brings us to Bri Meets Books blog where Bri has written a review and Martin has written a guest post about comedy and why it is important. It's fun to read and gives a little insight into the mind of the man who brought us The Brain and Sheldon. Without further ado... Martin Chatterton.

Review: Beth Fish Reads

I love working with Candace and lucky for me, she loves our books at Peachtree Publishers! See what she has to say about The Brain Finds a Leg here.

Spotlight on The Brain at Beth Fish Reads!

Want a sneak peak at Candace's review of The Brain Finds a Leg?! The wait no more.

Talk to the Man Himself!

Martin is now on Twitter! Follow him here. Not on Twitter? No problem! You can become a fan of Martin on Facebook!